Silk Cornucopia

Silk Cornucopia
Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia Silk Cornucopia
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Colorful, compact, and clever meets bright and bountiful!


You show three different colored scarves to be completely separate and normal by throwing them up in the air one at a time, the scarves are then gathered and held by their corners in your fist, without reaching into the grouped scarves, you merely lower the hanging ends of the scarves onto the performing area, then without any sudden moves, the scarves are raised.  There standing on the performing area are not one, but TWO BOTTLES OF WINE which have instantaneously appeared; other objects for production can be substituted for an instant appearance.

The Silk Cornucopia being designed, routined, and hand crafted by BUMA, allows not only for the simultaneous production of 2 wine bottles, but does so much cleaner, more visual and in a manner allowing for more versatile productions of diverse items.

Constructed differently than anything else that is currently marketed to the magic world.

With the Silk Cornucopia:

Your hand never reaches into the scarves, nor do you invert the scarves upside down to make a production.  You just lower the hanging ends of the scarves onto you're performing area, the release of the load being totally under your control. All performed without any sudden or unnatural moves, you simply raise the scarves to make the production.

You may produce the object or objects onto a table, a floor, a tray, or into a large bowl, etc.

You can even let the objects such as candies, fruits or other loose production objects just shower down from the scarves into a receptacle of your choice, or even right onto the floor for effect.

The Silk Cornucopia has a large load capacity to hold two bottles of wine or a large champagne bottle, loads of apples, oranges, etc.

Great for both kids and adult performances.

Features very vibrant colorful scarves.

Performable both indoor and outdoors, in a parlor setting or on a stage.

Set’s up quickly.

Packs small and flat.

House of Magic @2011

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