Secret of the Sacred Scarab

Secret of the Sacred Scarab
Secret of the Sacred Scarab
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East meets West with opulent props, enchanting sorcery and BUMA creativity!


A Sacred Scarab magically appears from within a flat Parchment only to later vanish from inside a sealed temple. The temple's perched Sphinx is then seen to vanish and transport itself through space only to reappear at a distance.  The Scarab repeatedly vanishes from where ever it is placed only to reappear elsewhere where only seconds before there was nothingness. With the aid of a spectator the scarab is once again secured within the walls of the temple from where it physically metamorphoses into a much larger solid statue of the four pharaohs which the spectator is left holding upon their outstretched hand.

Only one scarab and one sphinx is used throughout the entire routine.

The Temple, Sphinx, Statue and Parchment being fully examinable upon the completion of the routine.

Requires No:

  • palming of the scarab or the sphinx
  • lapping, pocketing, or sleeving
  • body loads
  • secret compartments
  • mirrors are used
  • threads
  • sleights

Features BUMA’s:
Custom designed and hand crafted Temple, Sphinx, Scarab, Parchment, and Statue.

Incorporating BUMA’s:

  • Hand Cast Stoneware
  • Temple, Sphinx and Statue  (In the tradition of the ancient Egyptian artisans.)

Hand Cast:  Gutta-Percha Scarab

Hand Layered:  Gold Leafed Temple & Scarab

Silver Leafed:  Scarab

Gold & Copper Leafed Statue

Hand Inset:  Austrian Swarovski Crystals are to be seen on the Statue.

Hand Applied:  Custom designed transfers “decals” in the tradition of Okito hand layered inside the temple and on the Statue.

Suede Kidskin Leather has been applied to the bottom of both the Temple and the Statue.

Custom printed, bound and aged parchment vellum.

Includes BUMA’s step by step routined Instructions accompanied by over 100 detailed photographs.

An all original effect and routine by BUMA!

All handcrafted in the USA by  Mark BUMA Burger’s House of Magic

Limited availability.

House of Magic @2011

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