Spectral Levitation


Borrow a cloth, borrow a solid object and place it under the cloth, the cloth is seen to not only rise but the arisen object may be tapped for solidity through the cloth’s surface with your fingers, wand, table spoon, etc. Impromptu, portable,repeatable.

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Phantoms, Apparitions, Spirits and Ghosts have never been so accessible!


Borrow a cloth and place it on a table, borrow a solid object and place it under the cloth, upon your command and under your complete stealth control the cloth is seen to not only rise upward from the table’s surface but the illusion is now carried to new theatrical heights by the audible tapping of the borrowed and arisen object through the cloth’s surface, (use your fingers, wand, table spoon, etc.).

The audible tapping of the spectrally risen cloth’s floating contents proves deafening to the audience, for they are not only witnessing it’s hovering above the table top but they are hearing proof of the borrowed object’s levitation.

BUMA’s “Solid Spectral Levitation” lends itself to all facets of one’s magical routines, thus allowing a full range of routined presentations from Bizarre to comedy and all those in between.

Performance Allows For:

Any Covering!

Any Time!

Any Where!

Totally Impromptu!

Instantly Repeatable!

Totally Portable!

Everything is Borrowed!

Everything is Returned!

Everything can be examined before and after!

Can be performed seated or standing!

Can be performed close up and surrounded!

Totally self contained (in the BUMA Tradition).

House of Magic @2011

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