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Where the magic happens in the spectator’s hand ! RAFFIA Man just just doesn’t stand up, he even performs a hand stand on the spectator’s hand !

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Raffia Man does a hand stand on the spectator’s hand !

A pocket size figure of a man crafted from Raffia is introduced and handed to a spectator allowing them to place it on an audience member’s hand of they’re choosing.

Laying flat, the Raffia man is now felt by the spectator as well as seen by all to be moving in their hand, it soon stands totally upright on its own two feet and stays there until it starts to lean back settling into its original position. Suddenly it stands up again and this time starts to lean forward and continues to do so until its face down on the spectators hand.

The Raffia man is now removed from the spectators hand by any audience member and laid flat upon a different spectators hand.

It is now the real magic is seen to happen, for suddenly, not only does the Raffia man show signs of life then he is seen to begin to lean forward and soon he is performing a hand stand upon the spectators out stretched hand, thats right he didn’t just stand up this time, rather, he performs a hand stand !

The Raffia man can then once again be removed from the spectators hand by any audience member.

All this magic happens in a spectator’s hand !

Buma’s Raffia Man:

Fits in your shirt pocket.

Under your direct control at all times.

Uses no invisible thread or Finn Jon style loops.

The gaff is completely invisible to the audience before, during and after.

May be instantly repeated.

Easy and fast to learn and master, no sleights.

Completely original in design and execution.

Great for walk around and trade show work, perform seated or standing, perfect for table hopping !

Features photo illustrated instructions, plus bonus material and additional
performance tips !

Designed and hand crafted in the USA by Mark BUMA Burger of House Of Magic San Francisco.

House of Magic @2015

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