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Impromptu production of 1 to 3 filled shot glasses, allowing for complete routining or solo effects with the supplied original BUMA props.

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I need a drink, wait, how about 3, NO PROBLEM !


Buma’s ANYTIME – ANYWHERE has been designed from the ground up to allow it’s included props to be performed in unison with each other or as stand alone effects.

All of it’s featured props have been hand crafted by BUMA specifically for ANYTIME – ANYWHERE.

Below are some of the effects performable with Buma’s ANYTIME – ANYWHERE:

Produce three liquid filled Shot Glasses from locations of your choice.

Clandestinely load a liquid of your choice into one of the empty Shot Glass for its instant liquid appearance.

Cause the liquid filled shot glass to travel from under one object to another.

Push the liquid filled Shot Glass thru a solid table top.

Vanish a liquid filled Shot Glass from your hands.

Turn one Shot Glass into two.

Buma’s ANYTIME – ANYWHERE may even be routined with your own set of cups and balls or chop cup.



Each shot glasses is hand cast by BUMA in a clear flexible silent material, allowing them to be worked silently during your performance when loading into or under any object of your choice, also assuring that the clear Shot Glasses will never break like real noisy glass during performance or transit.

Each Shot Glasses measures two inches tall by one and two eighth inches in diameter, thus being small enough to conceal yet retain the appearance of a real shot glass when produced.


You receive three magnetic silent and flexible Shot Glasses, a magnetic servant and a magnetic silicone micro thumb tip all hand cast by Buma.

The 3 Shot Glasses each contains two concealed neodymium magnets cast within their base.

A custom cast servant with three encased neodymium magnets, one encased neodymium magnet is concealed within each of its semi circular shelf’s. The servant features two integral hooks (for placement on ones pant belt) in addition to Velcro attachments which serve as an option for placement of the servant off the body.

A micro thumb tip cast of silicone with an encased neodymium magnet.

Bonus Sake Cup set Included:

You will find we have included in your purchase a BONUS set of 3 Sake Cups as used by Buma in his personal presentation of this effect.

The appearance and size of these 3 Sake Cups helps maximum the impact of your “Anytime Anywhere” routine.

Naturally, Buma’s included routine is designed to work with any similar sized cups you may choose to use in your presentation.

Try these other ways to achieve what you want:

You can dispose or obtain these Shot Glasses from any magnetic reactive surfaces.

Use these Shot glasses independently as the bottom of one Shot glass will adhere to the bottom of another or simply palm one and produce it.

The magnetic servant can also be used independently to dispose of or obtain any magnetic reactive object that fits on its shelf.

You can pre place the magnetic servant on your belt/waist band or on a surface of your choice before your performance.

The magnetic micro thumb tip can be used independently for other effects for instance controlling any magnetic reactive item, make two paper clips or metal rings cling to each other, do chop cup with just about any cups or mugs etc.

The magnetic shot glasses, the magnetic servant and the magnetic micro thumb tip can all be performed in unison or independently from each, even in a combination of your choice: Shot Glasses and magnetic servant, Shot Glasses and magnetic thumb tip, magnetic servant and magnetic thumb tip, etc.


Easy to set up.

Easy to master.

May be performed standing or seated depending on your routine.

Can be performed without a table.

Great for table hopping and walk around.

Small and compact for travel.

Props may be carried on your person.

Completely designed and hand crafted by BUMA to be routined for your personal presentation.

Ships complete with illusionarium, solid clear block, and full color photo BUMA instructions.


House of Magic @2018

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