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Arachnophobia was never so entertaining until BUMA !

Buma’s AMBER


The performer introduces a piece of Golden “Fossilized Resin” AMBER,  it is seen to contain within its clear hardened resin center an embedded spider, it is freely passed around for all to view and handle.

The performer upon retaking hold of the AMBER proceeds to demonstrate how the spider found its way to being entrapped within the AMBER, he does this by momentarily encircling his fingers around the AMBER, at the some time he requests one of the spectators to extend out one of their hands palm up, the performer then visibly holds the AMBER with its entombed spider just above the spectator’s out stretched palm and request all to focus on the entrapped spider, as they do this they suddenly begin to see the spider ever so slightly move within the AMBER, the movement continues when all of a sudden the spider leaps FREE onto the spectators outstretched palm, leaving the solid piece of “Fossilized Resin” AMBER now visibly empty of its once entrapped and entombed spider.

The spider now lies free on the outstretched open palm of the SHOCKED spectator and in full view of the astonished audience.

Performance Attributes:

Perfect for table hopping and walk around, perform while standing or seated.

Props fit in your pocket.

Involves no lapping or sleeving.

Routine can be personally customized.

Hand crafted one at a time by Buma in limited numbers assuring you BUMA quality and originality !

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