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AIR Levitation


Impromptu bill levitation with unprepared borrowed bills, no invisible thread, no loops !

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What No Invisible Thread, No Loops, Only BUMA Could Levitate Like this !!!


Two unprepared bills are borrowed form a spectator.

One of the bills is laid on the magicians’ palm.

At the magician’s command, the bill slowly and mysteriously rises above the performers open outstretched hand.

The second borrowed bill is now passed from left to right completely under the levitating bill, allowing for the second borrowed bill to be seen to completely pass under the levitating bill, from it’s far left side all the way to it’s right side, with no visible support of the levitating bill !

The second borrowed bill may also be slid completely under the levitating bill, “front to back” with no visible support of the levitating bill !

The two borrowed bills are now folded to show they have contained no secret appliance used to accomplish this eye popping illusion and returned to there owners. The performers hands are seen to be completely empty !

This is what REAL magic looks and feels like!

This illusion is thought completely through, from beginning to end.

Just as in all of Buma’s outside the box effects this effect is conceived, designed and expertly crafted completely from the ground up.

The only thing cooler than the illusion itself is the diabolical method and gaff.

The method is innovative, and unlike any other on the market.

This new gaff has never been utilized in completed form in close up magic before.

Does what no other previous bill levitations could do.


A visual levitation unlike any other.

Completely original in design and execution.

Easy and fast to learn and master, no sleights.

Uses no invisible thread or Finn Jon style loops.

The gaff is completely invisible to the audience before, during, and after ones repeatable performance.

Uses unprepared and borrowed bills or similar objects.

For right or left hand performance.

Fits in your shirt pocket.

Always ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

Great for walk around, trade show and general close up performance

Comes complete with easy to follow photo illustrated instructions.

Magnetic ditch and retrieve capabilities.

Handmade one at a time by Buma himself with innovative materials

Utilizes no sleeve work, may be performed shirtless.

Involves no sleight of hand.

House of Magic @2014

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