Neptune's Orb

Neptune's Orb
Neptune's Orb
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Features Real Austrian Swarovski Pearls !



The performer introduces a BARE band about 14” in length, it contains two

small pearls, one permanently attached at each end of the band, the

performer positions the band horizontally, held taut between their hands, a

spectator is asked to hold out both of their hands, palms down and

positioned (stacked) one atop the other, the performer now positions the

center of the BARE but tautly held band directly under the spectator’s palm

down hands. At the performer’s request, the spectator separates their hands

from above the center of the band revealing the center of the band which

now contains a large shimmering pearl threaded onto the very center of its

tautly held band.


Next the performer takes the band with the large pearl and holds it taut

horizontally between their hands and asks the spectator to touch the large

pearl, suddenly, slowly and visibly the large pearl starts to move on its own,

first a little to the left then a little to the right, then moves almost all the way to

the left, then moves back to the center of the band.


Finally the performer takes the band with the large pearl and holds it taut

between their hands vertically, then at the performers command, the large

pearl descends, then with another command from the performer the large

pearl stops, this is repeated again, then the performer commands it to the

bands middle at which time the large pearl is seen to rise up like an elevator

to the middle of the band.


The above routined presentation is just an example of the many ways you can

present this close up illusion, you may even have the pearl answer a yes or no

questions or have it locate a selected card, etc. you can easily create your

own routine to fit your presentation.


Performance Benefits:


Aways ready to perform, fits in your shirt pocket, no setup.

Easy to master, under your complete control at all times, may be instantly repeated, totally impromptu!

No threads, wires, magnets or mirrors involved.

Nothing is added or taken away.

Can be examined before during and after your performance.

Involves no sleeve work, may be performed shirtless.

Can be performed seated, standing and surrounded. Great for

walk around, kid shows, table hopping, trade shows and close up performance.


Totally hand crafted one at a time by Buma in limited numbers assuring you BUMA quality.

Routined by BUMA with easy to follow photo illustrated instructions.


House of Magic @2016

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