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When the gravity stops, CLING starts !!!


Borrowing any bill “currency” the performer proceeds to fold the bill twice, he then borrows any clear empty drinking glass and inverts it mouth down on his open outstretched palm. 

Then ever so slightly he touches the now folded bill against the front of the inverted clear glass, instantly releasing his hold on the bill, the bill is now seen to be clinging to the front of the clear glass, totally unsupported !

 The performer now proceeds to un-cling (take hold) of the folded bill from the glass and returns both it and the glass back to the spectators from whom they were just borrowed.

 The same bill or a newly borrowed bill is now placed on the open palm of the performers hand, he then proceeds to set a solid brass key on one end of the bill, keeping the key in place with the fingers tips of his hand placed atop the key,  his free hand now takes hold of the opposite end of the bill and he lifts the bill straight up into a vertical position, still securing the key in place with his fingertips as they now slowly rub the key until they are seen to release their physical contact wit:h it, the key is now seen to be clinging to the bill (totally unsupported), the performer then proceeds to take a clear Tic Tac brand mint box and ever so slightly rub it against the vertical hanging bill, the performer then releases their hold on it, the Tic Tac box is now seen to be clinging to the vertical hanging bill (totally unsupported), the performer now takes a pencil and ever so slightly waves it over the hanging bill, he then proceeds to gently place the length of the pencil against the vertical hanging bill, this time the performer releases their hands hold on the bill, amazingly the bill is now seen to be clinging to the pencil along with it’s clinging clear Tic Tac box and brass key, all totally unsupported.

The performer now proceeds to individually un cling the solid brass key, Tic Tac brand mint box and pencil from the bill, freely displaying all in the process, finally returning the bill from whom it was borrowed.


Performance benefits:

 A visual effect unlike any other, completely original in design and performance.

 Borrowed items can be incorporated into your routine.

 Uses NO sticky adhesive, NO Static, NO thread, NO  loops, No motors !

 Easy and fast to master, No skill required.

 Perform standing or seated, no table required, perfect for trade shows, walk arounds and table hopping.

 Aways ready to perform, can be immediately repeated, instantly resets itself at the end of your routine

 Totally self contained, fits in your shirt pocket.


House of Magic @2015

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