Triple Haunted Skeleton Key

Triple Haunted Skeleton Key
Triple Haunted Skeleton Key Triple Haunted Skeleton Key Triple Haunted Skeleton Key Triple Haunted Skeleton Key Triple Haunted Skeleton Key
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What's more Haunted then a key ?  Buma's Skeleton Key is,  it's ALIVE !


A Skeleton Key unlike any other comes to life in the spectators hand !

On a table top, leaned against an object, placed in a covered glass, you choose where to place the Skeleton Key !

That’s right, its movement is under your complete control !

Not only will its motion announce its coming to life, have it answer questions like a rapping board, lean it against a glass for a telekinetic timber effect, choreograph its movement for your own personal customized routine.

You may also perform the classic haunted key where the Skeleton Key eerily turns itself in the palm of your hand, simply master the balance point of the Skeleton Key.

And yet, at no time before during or after the performance is there ever any physical connection between the Skeleton key and you the performer.

Totally examinable at all times.

Impromptu, no set up, always ready for performance.

You receive:

Buma’s stunning hand sculptured anatomical 3D Skeleton Key for the classic Haunted Key effect.

Buma’s original hand sculptured anatomical Skeleton Key is secretly gaffed, thats right covertly embedded in the Skeleton’s head is a  neodymium magnet, specially chosen of its properties which allow it to be responsive to steel and magnets.

The BUMA gimmick, a hand cast pair of connected false fingers that contains six powerful individually embedded neodymium magnets, three embedded in each finger, allowing for your complete covert customized control over the Skeleton Key.

The BUMA gimmick will prove to be an outstanding stand alone prop in your arsenal of covert magic effects, allow it to work for you by bringing it into play in your routined presentations that call for Psychic effects, shim coins, PK effects, shim cards, etc, any where you need covert movement and control of a magnetic reactive item.

All hand Crafted by BUMA, all original to magic, all available from Stevens Magic Emporium.

Being hand crafted by BUMA availability is limited.

In stock now !

Designed and hand crafted in the USA  by Mark BUMA Burger of House Of Magic San Francisco.

Limited Availability

House of Magic @2014

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