Ghostly Rose

Ghostly Rose
Ghostly Rose Ghostly Rose Ghostly Rose
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Routined beauty that only nature's most beautiful flower could inspire!


You hand your spectator a rose in a clear plastic vase. Instructing them to turn it over, they comply, and the rose falls out, landing on the floor or table.

No surprise there… You then have the vase returned to you, and you pick up the rose and place it within the vase, or have the spectator place it in for you.

Here, your presentation begins to defy the laws of gravity. First you turn the vase upside down, but the rose refuses to fall out of the clear bud vase—even when you swing the vase  “to and fro!” Turning the vase right side up, you hold the rose and release the clear bud vase, but the bud vase does not crash to the floor. Next you remove the rose from the bud vase to have your spectator give it an “enchanted kiss.” You insert the rose halfway into the vase, releasing the latter, and the two visibly cling together, as if frozen in time and space, under direct control of the performer’s magic.

This bewitching magical performance does not stop there. Now you ask the spectator to place the rose back into the vase, where upon suddenly and magically, it has visually melted right through the bottom of the clear bud vase.

Having done so it is seen to have also — inverted itself — resulting in the rose bud protruding through the bottom of the clear vase. As magically as this visual penetration has occurred, it is visually seen to reverse itself, leaving the rose bud magically standing, in it’s original upright position.

Finally, “all is now right with the world of magic.”

A beautiful multifaceted routine.

Perfect for any walk-around situation, or those that work in restaurant/cruise environments.

Fully examinable before, during, and after your memorable performance.

House of Magic @2011

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