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Image of the Burger Hardware Business CardPhoto of Marvin Burger 1932The Burger family of magic dealers has now been involved in the magic trade for over 85 years on the West coast of the United States.

It was in the 1920's that Nathan Burger incorporated his hobby of magic into a marketable display of commercial magic effects at the rear counter of the Burger Hardware store in Portland, Oregon.

His son, Marvin Burger, turned his love of those magic tricks into a life long career as BUMA the magician, entertainer, magic dealer, writer and inventor of original magical effects.

BUMA's most proud magical achievement was his lifelong association with Dr. Robert Albo and his Classic Magic series of books.  For it was Marvin BUMA Burger who, in the 1950′s, ushered into his home the teenage Robert Albo and sent him home with an arm full of used magic tricks.  Those effects were destined to be the catalyst for what has been described as the world's greatest collection of magical secrets ever assembled, destined to be documented by Dr. Albo in his lavishly illustrated Classic Magic series of books.

It was in that same decade of the 1950's that a very young Mark Burger started working in his father's act.  Learning first to prep the show for a fast setup and breakdown, he soon graduated to being BUMA's stooge in the audience, allowing for the onstage BUMA to pick Mark as a volunteer, leading to an onstage choreographed presentation of the Guillotine, Hindoo Basket and Dollhouse illusion, all of which saw a very young Mark impaled by the sharpest of blades.

1967 ushered in BUMA's retirement from road performances and the opening of the House of Magic in San Francisco. For the next 38 years magicians from all over the world visited with Marvin and Mark at the House of Magic, all sharing in their love of magic and its history.

2006 saw the House of Magic leave its storefront location and relocation onto the World Wide Web, allowing the global magic community to now access all of BUMA's original magic effects.

BUMA's exclusive line of original magic effects encompass 85 years of lessons learned by three generations of Burgers while actually demonstrating, performing, and selling magic, in addition to their interacting with fellow magicians, many of whom were full time performers themselves with lifetimes of valuable magic experience behind them.

When you purchase a House of Magic original,
you're getting MAGIC
unlike any other in the world.




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